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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Crafty Retailers Create! Participate in our Felted Jewelry Craft Challenge!

It has been far too long since we have crafted together!  I am game for a new craft challenge and I hope that you want to play along. There are16 kits similar to the one pictured below.  The colors will vary, but each kit will be beautiful and will contain:

Hand dyed superfine merino wool,
Swarovski Crystal Suede Yarn, 27 mm Rivoli Stone, 20mm Square Frame Stones, Assorted Hot Fix Crystals, Assorted Sew On Crystals, Bits and pieces of chain, High Quality Craft Sequins and Brass Bracelet Blank

You must use at least one of every item in the kit and you must make a cuff bracelet.  The rest is up to you.  No felting experience?  Don't be a 'fraidy cat!  It is fun and easy and you can see my felted cuff tutorials here and here.  I will upload a tutorial on embedding crystal into felt within the next few days for those who prefer that sort of demonstration.    Shoot me an email if you want to participate.

Next week's post will have pictures from the last Crafty Retailer Challenge.  There are some special stories and incredible pieces---don't miss the opportunity to vote on your favorite! 


Thank you to all of you who "liked" the Aussie Fibers Facebook page last week.  The winner of our random "We Appreciate Your Support" drawing was Linda Disosway-Jones of Texas.   It is not too late to get some goodies!  Head on over to our page and LIKE IT to qualify for this week's drawing.  Check in often as we will be using the page to announce spur of the moment sales and discounts.

 Rest in Peace, Rosie (December 2006- December 2010)

The last week of 2010 damn near did me in---my little Rosie dog finally lost her wag.  She died on December 24 and it has been a real bitch.   I know that it will get better.  It always has in the past, but I am not sure it will be as easy this time.

Rosie was my best pal...making me laugh every day with her silly, goofball antics.  She was a funny looking thing---beautiful face, too stout body, and long skinny legs.  Her parts never really seemed to go together but that was part of her charm.  She had an expressive face and paws that she used just like hands.  I loved her like crazy ---even immortalizing her on canvas.  My family teased me about my Rosie obsession so I painted the "Rosa Lisa" to play along.   There will never be another one like her and I do not say it lightly.  I have had animals  my entire adult life and have loved every single one of them----even the wretched cat who insisted upon peeing on my stove top---not the flat top stove where one would simply swear at the cat and wipe it up.  No, I am talking about the old fashioned stove with the coils. The kind where you would be blissfully unaware of the danger that lurked beneath.   That is, until you endeavored to scramble eggs for hungry children and were assaulted by the smell of burning cat pee.  You haven't lived until you have smelled sizzling cat pee.  Yet, I even managed to love that cat.

But back to Rosie......  I know that it will get easier. I know that the sun will shine again.  I just don't know if I will ever find a dog who will own my heart in the same way and that sucks.  

I am the sort of person who needs laughter in my life, so even in the midst of my sadness, I am determined to get my giggles.  I just need to do it in a way that doesn't force a "Rosie was way better" comparison.  There is no new puppy on the horizon.  Rather, I just put a deposit on two Nubian dairy goats. I don't have a barn or suitable shed on the property yet, but the goats won't be born for a few more months, so it is all good.   Who knows, maybe there will be another pet portrait in my future! 

I am going to pick myself up, dust myself off, and throw my energies into this next adventure.  I am sure that it will be tons of fun and provide the requisite laughter for me.  I think that Rosie would approve.


  1. I know we talked about this and talked about it.
    My Mother painted a portrait of Kodi, my friend did...etc. I have a WEIRD story to put in a public place...
    The other day (right after Christmas) I was sitting in the rest room, doing what you do in there. And I saw Kodi walk by the open door (just a crack). You know when your dog has been dead for over a year - it takes a second to mentally process? What the @*E$#(?? So I leaned forward....and there he sat. His back to me. Looking over his shoulder, big watery eyes - I even heard him "SIGH" It was so real, I reached out...and POOF - he was gone. I cried the entire day. Sobbing cries. You are asking......WHY is she saying this..??
    Rosie is going to ALWAYS be with you...she's part of you now and that's a GREAT thing. When I reached out to touch Kodi, I thought he was real but I knew he wasn't...I wanted it so bad. And that is how much he loved me. AND how much I loved him.
    You loved ROSIE so much - it would be a travesty to not live your life. After all, she taught you the value of it, right?
    Much love to you and your family...if you need me, I am here.

  2. I know just how you feel. We lost our dog the 1st part of November after having him for 14 years. Sure do miss that little guy.

  3. Joyce:
    Ouch. Anyone who has loved a furry creature gets it.....

  4. I am so sorry about Rosie! I really thought she'd live long after the surgery. We have two shih tzus, Yoshi and Emmie. Yoshi has my heart completely. Can't imagine losing him.

    But you ARE off to a new adventure. My sister has a dairy goat farm and she loves the Nubians! They are registered so the formal names, but she has nicknames for them and they come when she calls (all 50 of them) and they lead very easily on a leash, and of course when they are little, how cute!! You'll have a blast!

    Thinking of you, Janice.

  5. So sorry to hear this Pat. Our beloved Siamese girl died the week before Rosie. Perhaps they are playing together in the ether. She was my faithful companion for 17 years. It was a joy to wake up to her loud little Siamese tales and snuggling. When she was a baby she slept on my cheek. For a long time I wondered if I would ever sleep through the night. It IS difficult to sleep when someone is sleeping and purring on your face. Arent we lucky to have had such fur balls of joy to brighten our lives?

  6. Pat, I hear you loud and clear. Our loved pets are part of the family. Folks would think I was crazy for how much I love my pets and what I would do for them. Your beautiful Rosie is watching over you. Every time I lose one of my precious animals, It hits me so hard and I have to read the rainbow bridge. Not sure if you ever heard that before. Its awesome. It brings me peace every time I read that poem. Blessings to you always,

  7. Janice, Carol and Kimberly:
    What a lucky gal I am to have such bright, compassionate, and creative women in my world. You brightened my morning!

  8. I'm sorry to hear about Rosie, Pat. I know she meant A LOT to you. Our girl Kayla had to be put down after almost 16 years with us. She was one of a kind. We've since added Zoey to our family and she is a personality all her own. It's hard to think about another "kid" but one will snuggle into your heart. Anyone who loves animals will find another furry kid to love. As with human kids, they cannot be replaced, but you can always find room for another.

  9. Thanks, Michelle! As my daughter recently tattooed on her foot (!!!!!)...."This too shall pass."

  10. Pat,

    So sorry for your loss. I was sad to hear it and I know how a beloved pet and the susequent loss can change the landscape of the heart. Hang in there...

    Christine Jensen

  11. Insunlite:
    What a wonderful way to put it! The landscape has surely altered..........

    So....are you going to participate in this challenge or do I need to twist Rosie's arm to get some Kiowa Rose representation?

  12. Alas, I am no longer with the one and only Kiowa Rose :( I am back to working for cold hard cash.

    However, I would love to participate in another Crafty Retailer Challenge. I will email you now!

    Thanks Pat