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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Last Minute Holiday Make and Take Projects can get customers in the door!

The holiday countdown has begun but it is not too late for some last minute low cost marketing magic!  A quick internet search has revealed a treasure trove of crafty goodness that would be perfect for a Holiday Make and Take Event or free afternoon workshop.  Get the hot chocolate brewing, put some cookies on the counter, and show your customers some crafty love. 

For example, The Purl Bee's Betz White has a tutorial on these "Oldie but Goodie" awful that they are fabulous!  Seriously...I am strangely compelled to whip up a pair.  Crochet doesn't get much easier than granny squares and if they are not nice to me, every member of my family will find a set under the tree!  Yup...punitive gift giving. 

Speaking of which, how about a contest asking your customers to describe the worst gift they ever received?  Offer a shop gift certificate to the winner to make up for the horror.

In a shameless bit of self promotion, consider a Felted Soap Make and Take!  No previous felting experience is required and everyone leaves happy.  Truly, I have never met a person who was not delighted by the project.    Written instructions can be found here and for those who prefer a video can find that here.

Holiday ornaments are always a gratifying project.  I am currently working on some crochet stars courtesy of a free Ravelry download designed by Daniela Herbertz.    CraftyPod's Diane Gilleland has a simple tutorial which makes terrific use of fabric scraps to make Japanese inspired "Upholstered" ornaments like the nifty tree pictured at left.  Diane's blog is always a wonderful resource for crafty How To's and I visit her cyber home weekly!

Promote economical AND fabulous by offering a free REMAKE IT-TAKE IT jewelry event.  Etsy is filled with stunning examples of artists who fashion relevant jewelry from the broken bits and pieces that all of us have in our stash.   The charming necklace at left was crafted by Etsy artist BlueMoss and reminded me that I have a number of enamel flower pins gathering dust in the back of a drawer.  I am already daydreaming about a project for my daughter. 

Check out the stylish cuff at left ---a great use of jewelry remnants by All Things Tinsel.   My mind is abuzz with the possibilities and  I am glad to have saved all of those broken pieces that were too pretty to throw away!

Get the word out FAST with a quick e-mail blast or Facebook update.  Crafty Retail Superstar Debbie Huntoon, of Alada Beads in Michigan, uses her store Facebook page as well as just about any Crafty Retailer I have seen.     Her customers have learned to check it every few days if they don't want to miss out on a great deal.  Deb uses the page to randomly --but frequently-- to announce "today only" specials.  Great marketing...after all, everyone likes a surprise!  Facebook is a great vehicle to reinforce your brand and reach out to your customers without a direct email.  Deb also puts out a great newsletter---check out the online version.

[True Confessions:  I have been slow to jump on the business Facebook bandwagon.  NO MORE EXCUSES.  Improving my Facebook presence is on my Business Resolutions List for 2011---how 'bout you?    Help me!  Anyone who goes to my page  and LIKES IT this week will be entered to win a Truly Fabulous Gift Package.  Winner to be announced next week.

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