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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It is time for our April Craft Challenge: Keep Creative to Keep Sane!

It is time for our next craft challenge!  It is easy for Crafty Retailers to fall into a creative rut.  Don't let the nuts and bolts of running the store impede your ability to play.  Give yourself the gift of some "outside of the box" creative time! 
april 2010 craft challenge:

we are including a nice little selection of product in this challenge, but the Swarovski hot fix crystal rock is the star of the show!

we are looking for 12 volunteers to participate in the April Craft Challenge.
participants will receive the set pictured below:

We give it all to 12 lucky volunteers..for free!

show us what you can do with some spectacular sparkle! 
iron it, bead it, sew it, glue it, alter it....just show us what you got!
deadline for pictures of finished project:  May 1, 2010
Email me if you want to play!

Other news:

OK....I have to vent.  It has been a hell of a week.  Forget the Health Care debate.  Forget the economy.  All very important, but I am focused on a more serious issue.  The stuff that impacts me on a personal level.  No, not my weight gain, bad hair, or kid drama.  I am talking about my dog.  My Rosie.  She is the best dog in the world....except for your dog, of course.  She is a mixed breed three year old shelter rescue who has many talents.  She jet skis...seriously!  We live on a lake and heaven help the errant soul who tries to get on the lake without her.  She is very agile.  My son is teaching her to ride a wake board.  She is friendly and outgoing.  In fact, if you were to visit me you would be gifted with a leaf or a stick picked especially for you, accompanied by a full body wag.  Her friendliness extends beyond the boundaries of my property.  It seems that Rosie has been visiting two different neighbors every morning when I thought she was sleeping.

I have learned that as I am busy getting my daughter off to school, Rosie has an agenda of her own.  It appears that she has been adopted by two different neighbors.   She has a very rigid routine.  Every week day she wades into the lake to get around the fence surrounding our property.  Once free, she barks at the kitchen door of neighbor #1, who LETS HER IN!  Mind you, this happens at 6:45 A.M.  Despite the hour, this kind neighbor opens the door and welcomes Rosie into the house where she enjoys a light repast of tea and biscotti before moving on to neighbors #2.  These folks are retired with no pets.  The husband has  a reputation for being a bit of a curmudgeon.   Nonetheless, he lets Rosie into their kitchen where he reads the morning paper with Rosie at his feet.  He sneaks her toast while drinking his coffee.  She meanders home shortly thereafter and I am none the wiser.  I only learned of her travels because (1) she gained quite a bit of weight in the last year (biscotti and toast are heavy on carbs!) and when I took her for walks I would run into the wife of neighbor #2 and Rosie acted like they were old friends....'cause they were.  Silly, funny little dog.

Rosie was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer 12 days ago.  Rosie is my buddy, my pal, my friend .... and I have been bereft.  Tests revealed that the disease was confined to her leg, so amputation was an option.  I did a lot of research and learned that most dogs function well with three legs.  I read that God gives dogs three legs and a spare.  So...after giving it much thought and prayer, we amputated her back left leg.   Well, not personally.  I didn't do it....too squeamish, for sure.  A well paid vet surgeon did it.

Cutting off a leg hasn't been a picnic for Rosie.  The scar is gruesome.  Really, really gruesome.  I am not sure what exactly I was expecting....a neat little stump covered with clean white gauze, I think.  Not the reality.  To make matters worse, she is clearly in pain.  She went without eating....anything.....for over a week.  To add to the fun, I have a one year old French Mastiff.  A really big, really playful 100 pound dog.  Rosie hasn't felt much like playing.  My neighbor called to inquire as to her whereabouts...the biscotti was getting stale.  I have been second guessing my decision....maybe this wasn't meant to be.

....but I am hopeful.  Today she chased a jogger who had the audacity to walk by our home.  She needed to stop and take a rest on the way back up the driveway, but she did it.  She ate a meatball this afternoon and I walked in on my daughter sneaking her some ice cream.   She jumped off of the couch when I wasn't looking and held her own with the French Mastiff.  Whew.  Maybe it is going to be OK after all.


  1. Oh, man....I feel so bad for you...and Rosie. I imagine that it was a difficult decision and after seeing the incision and her struggling with her recovery, that you have had many a sleepless night. But, it does look like she is beginning to adjust. I applaud you for taking on the emotional and physical stress and not up. Some wouldn't have wanted to hired a well PAID vet. So, kudos to you. Hopefully you have just given her the gift of many more years of sneaking out each morning!

  2. I sure hope and pray that you are right! She seems a bit perkier this evening. I think it was the ice cream!

  3. I'm feeling it for your Rosie. She's sounds this a gift. I have two dogs, but they are rotten. I haven't been as fortunate. I believe that every animal we adopt is mentally defective. Maybe its just me. I still love 'em!

    I think its HIL-AR-IOUS that she sneaks out to scam your neighbors! Rosie is a once-in-a-lifetime pet. You're a very lucky mommy to have her! God bless....

  4. Everything happens for a reason. Your Rosie will be just fine. That's the great thing about animals, they don't waste time feeling sorry for themselves. She will heal and so will you and you'll both be stronger after it's all said and done. She'll be nibbling biscotti in no time!
    I'll send some healing energy your way.

  5. Dear Pat and Rosie,

    Well I sit here with my morning coffee and Kleenex. Oh, I love your sweet Rosie. She's her own peace corp. One of the best things about dogs, and people should be more like this:-), is that they live in the moment, not thinking about what could have been, should have been, etc. Rosie will heal with your wonderful love and care...In fact, she's on her way right now, and she will thrive. There's a dog down the street who had to have a leg amputated and you'd never know from the way he gets around. He's full of joy at all times. Rosie will be back to eating biscotti's in no time flat.

    Hugs to both of you,

  6. Thanks, Cheryl. I have a cat that pees on my stove top. Mentally defective? Nope. Mean! Really, really mean.....

  7. Pat, I'm very glad to hear that Rosie is, hopefully, adjusting to 3 limbs. If you think about when a person loses a limb, and how long it takes for them to adjust, a week is great! Here's to many more years of tea, biscotti & toast.
    Our current pooch (a 2 year old Cairn Terrier) loves to decide that she doesn't want to go potty for--the longest record so far--up to 21 hours! We take her out--whine, wheedle, pep talk--often but she just doesn't go potty! Vet says she's fine but geesh...this dog must have a bladder the size of an elephant! She's a complete pain sometimes, but we wouldn't change her for the world--the laughs count more than the frustration!
    Blessings to you and Rosie (and the rest of the family too)!

  8. OMG, Michelle! That is so funny! Animals are just as peculiar and quirky as humans, I guess! The silly antics of my critter crew keep me smiling 24/7. I fear that I am turning into one of those weird old ladies with too many know, the one who thinks her dogs are children. Uh Oh!

  9. Oh, I'm so very sorry for your Rosie.

  10. Thanks, Hannah! I am glad you are giving the April Craft Challenge a try...should be fun!

  11. Hi Pat,

    I came to your blog for some crafting inspiration tonight, but the first thing that caught my eye was the picture of Rosie sporting her hat. My heart just skipped a beat or two.

    I read about your no-doubt scary decision and my goodness did I feel so very sad for you and your baby. I have two Chihuahuas named Peppi Jo (middle name "Jo" after her mommy of course), and Sheeba Fay (middle name "Fay" after her Grandma of course). My baby's are just that- my babies! So, when I hear of someone else who cares so much for their baby and has to make such a decision, it just breaks my heart.

    I cried when I read your post. My baby Peppi had Parvo. They told me she had a 50/50 chance on survival, and they would have to give her a treatment that cost $1000. So, of course there was no question. If I had to have the heat turned off in order to pay the vet, well you know they would have gotten my bottom dollar if need be.

    Well, my baby, like your baby got through it. That was 6 years ago. I'm happy to say that Peppi is presently under my shirt (where she loves to fall asleep) as I type this message to you. People that know me say that I've been pregnant longer than anybody on the face of the earth because Peppi loves to fall asleep under my shirt. Sounds kind of weird I know, but I don't mind buying large sweatshirts so my baby can be comfortable.

    They are our babies no matter how you look at it. If your dogs are in pain, well so are you. They fit in our lives better than any human can. They take up the space that is left after a break-up, a bad day at work, or even a death of a loved one.

    I am so very thankful for my wonderful babies known as my loving Chihuahuas. They make me laugh when I need it, they make me exercise before I can get depressed, they give me something to take care of - which makes me take care of myself better, they help me be a better person, and they don't yell or curse at me.

    I am so very happy that your baby is up and craving his yummies again. I'm so very happy that you had decided to go ahead with the operation. One thing is certain... you made the decision because it was the right thing, and if you hadn't you would have never known whether it would have made a difference. So, know that you are one of us unconditional dog lovers, and I'm so glad that you are, because dogs can't speak English and they can't tell us what they want, so it's all up to you. I'm so happy that you have your baby, and I will certainly keep him in my prayers when I go to bed and when I wake up.

    Cindy Jo P.

  12. Hi Pat,

    I just noticed that I had referred to Rosie as "he". I truly apologize for that mistake. It certainly was not intentional. I had to write this because I think it really does make a difference. Kiss your baby for me!


    Cindy Jo P.

  13. Cindy Jo:
    I could not have said it better! Thank you so much for your kind words and warm wishes! Rosie is doing much we get the stitches out and talk to the oncologist about her treatment plan. Wish us luck!

  14. Dawn:
    Sorry that I missed your warm wishes! Rosie is indeed getting around beautifully and I feel blessed to still have her with me!

  15. aw, i'm so happy for rosie and for your family! she seems really special, and it sounds like she'll be adjusting alright.

  16. Thanks so much! She is lounging next to me as I type! Her stitches came out today and life is good. Chemo starts Monday....crazy world...chemo for dogs...........

  17. Catching up on blog reading after vacation - I am so thanksful to see unselfish and caring people such as yourself giving for your pet - who loves you unconditionally. I ask my vet everytime I visit him (often) where the plaque is with my name on it over the exam room. I have certainly paid for a lot over the years and don't regret a bit. Daily insulin shots for a cat, a canine cardiologist for my beloved late Eddie (The set up at that specialist was incredible). I know my pets appreciated what I did for them and kept them happy and healthy until it was their time.

    Best of luck to Rosie and yourself.

  18. Thanks, Johanna! The love for a pet is certainly a great equalizer! Regardless of our station in life, our education, or our income...our pets touch us where it counts. Rosie has her first chemo treatment tomorrow....wish us luck!